Warren, along with his two brothers and two sisters, grew up in Jamaica, in the West Indies; where his parents were missionaries. His family moved there from the States when he was eight years old, and he returned to the States when he was seventeen. He then went to college for one year, after which he worked at a variety of jobs for another year, and, then, he went into the US Army for four years. While in the Army, after completing several training programs, he served as a pilot; including flying a reconnaissance plane in Vietnam for one year (during the Vietnam conflict).

While in Vietnam, he developed a strong yearning to find a life's work. And after about one and one half years of searching, he realized his calling was to become a physician. He went to college to earn his medical school prerequisites (at Howard University in Washington D.C.), entered medical school in 1973 (also at Howard), and graduated in 1977. While he was in medical school he became progressively aware, that disease oriented medicine rarely, if ever, authentically cures illness. And based on this awareness, began to investigate many alternatives: spending two months in England studying midwifery and home deliveries; spending two months in Zambia, in Africa, studying rural medical delivery systems; reading many books; and conversing with a number of providers of non-conventional treatments.

After graduating from medical school, he underwent one and a half years of post-graduate training (close to one year in general medicine, and six months in surgery). Following that, he worked for a pharmaceutical company; and, after that, worked many months as a general practitioner in an inner city clinic. Then, in October, 1980, he commenced a private practice in Northern New Jersey (and also had an office in Manhattan): offering general medicine, nutrition, and homeopathic remedies. Before long, he realized that general medicine and nutritional medicine were ineffective; and, from then on only offered homeopathic remedies. In the late 1980's, he added cranial osteopathy as a treatment modality.

In late 1991, Warren was contacted by the New York State medical board, because board members were bothered by Warren's refusal to practice disease oriented medicine. That process, which was, after fourteen to fifteen months, joined by the medical board of New Jersey, eventually ended in late 1994, with both New York State and the state of New Jersey removing Warren's license to practice medicine. After some reflection, coupled with a major new insight, Warren decided to continue to offer his services without a license. But, over time, fewer and fewer people sought out Warren's services as a physician. And this left him with more and more free time on his hands. Around this time, Warren began to visit Fred (his future partner in Phosphorus Alights) and Fred's wife Tracy, who were then living in Los Angeles. Fred and Tracy and Warren had been close friends for almost twelve years by that point. During one of those visits, while Warren and Fred were having lunch one day, they both had an inspiration to co-write a movie script.

See the link: The History of Phosphorus Alights for the rest of Warren's work journey.

Warren's responsibility in the company are many. He is the managing partner of Phosphorus Alights (responsible for administering the company), as well as the managing partner of all Phosphorus Alights movie projects. He, also, has the following responsibilities: writing the dialogue for all the scripts that originate with Phosphorus Alights; recording the dialogue during each movie production; editing the pictures when the script is written by him, (in the Phosphorus Alights model the screenwriter always edits the picture); supervising all the post-production activities (the tasks that are done after the movie has been fully shot); and supervising the preparation of the marketing materials: the trailer (the preview), the press-kits, the poster, and the press ads.

Warren wants to add the following. He is now a Christian, and as a Christian, he is oriented to having each aspect of his life be as optimal as possible. Christianity is the source of all the various points by which Phosphorus Alights functions. He would be happy to discuss any aspect of Christianity with anyone who contacts him.