When Warren and Fred formed Phosphorus Alights, they had the intention it would become a film making cooperative: an community of like-minded people who made movies; eventually having sufficient members, that few, if any, non-members would be needed to fully cast and crew each movie. They welcome anyone who has the following orientations to become a member:

(i) Is personally committed to make worthy movies.
(ii) Is an actor, or is willing to be a member of the crew. *(There are crew positions that don't require previous movie experience; just be a hard worker, and have a desire to learn.)*

To fully comprehend what is involved in making worthy movies, we suggest that you read the document entitled The Phosphorus Alights model for making a movie

To be an actor, as perceived by Phosphorus Alights, requires more than the desire to act. It requires that one feel inwardly drawn to acting, and that one do all the work necessary to become a skilled actor (take classes, being in productions, and actively practice your craft). All of the meetings and work days, that are involved in a Phosphorus Alights movie, with only an occasional exception, take place during the day from Monday through Friday. So, it is impossible to have full time day work in non-acting work, and still be able to act in Phosphorus Alights' movies. Unless that full time day work allows you to take days off whenever you decide to do so.

Each crew member in a Phosphorus Alights' production performs many tasks: helps put up light fixtures, assists the sound team, participates in building the sets, works with the camera team, performs administrative tasks, and so forth. All crew members work full time, Monday to Friday, for up to four months, during the making of each movie. So, if you are to be a crew member, you need to be available to work full time for several months at a time. Warren and Fred welcome people who want to learn crew skills; who would operate as an apprentice, until they became sufficiently skilled to have full responsibility for certain tasks.

If you have read all the contents of this page up to this point, and still want to work on Phosphorus Alights movies, either as an actor, or a crew member, or both (which is quite acceptable in the Phosphorus Alights model), take the following steps:

(a) First read the document ÒPhosphorus Alights model for making a movie'. Only continue with your application, if you agree with the model (you are personally oriented in that direction).

(b) Send a letter (surface mail, or email) to Phosphorus Alights, attention ÒWarren Metzler', that mentions your desire to work on our projects; that includes a one paragraph description of what attracts you (no need to have it be more than a few sentences). In that letter, make sure you include your mailing address (email address is not enough), and your phone number (a phone number that has voice mail, please!).

(c) You will be contacted, and an interview with Warren will be scheduled. Everyone who applies is given an interview.

(d) During that interview, you will be further exposed to details about how Phosphorus Alights operates. If, upon completing that interview, you still want to work on Phosphorus Alights movies, you will be given a copy of a script to read and information about co-ownership. The purpose of you reading the script is so you can experience a Phosphorus Alights movie in detail. And the purpose of you reading information about co-ownership is so you can be fully informed about the difference between being a employee and being a co-owner of a movie. The principals of Phosphorus Alights prefer that everyone who works on a movie, cast and crew, be a co-owner; but they do not discriminate against people who choose to receive an hourly wage.

(e) You will then go home, read the new material you were given, reflect on the interview, and decide if you want to continue. If you do wish to continue, then you contact Warren and inform him of your decision. He will then formulate an affiliate's letter of agreement, and send it to you. If, upon reading it, you want to sign, you contact Warren and arrange a brief time to re-visit the office; so both of you can sign the letter. You will receive a copy, and Warren will keep a copy.

As an affiliate, you will be considered a member of the Phosphorus Alights film cooperative. There are no dues involved. You receive a copy of each newsletter that is sent out (sometimes monthly; but when little is happening from month to month, sometimes less than monthly). You will be invited to the movie night that is held every month, on the third Sunday evening of each month: during which a movie is watched; and, after which, a pot luck dinner occurs, during which the movie is discussed; and, at times, scripts that are being written, by one of the affiliates are read. You will also be invited to any activities that are sponsored by Phosphorus Alights, such as screenings of their movies. And most important, you will be contacted whenever a movie is ready to be made. With each new project, all the affiliates are contacted first. No public advertising is done for cast and crew, unless insufficient affiliates respond to fill all those positions.

We hope you join us.