At the present time, Phosphorus Alights has three items for sale:

The Empiricist Video, The Empiricist Sound track CD and the book Finding Contentment.

The Empiricist Video

An uplifting film about staying true to yourself and finding quality in all you do. It is a story with real characters in true to life situations.

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The Empiricist Sound track CD

Based on the sound track of the movie, The Empiricist, the CD contains lovely compositions by Felix Mendeissohn and Loretta Jankowski recorded in a unique way to offer exceptional clarity and a concert-like musical experience.

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Finding Contentment

This book describes a philosophy developed by Warren Metzler. This philosophy arises from his own life experiences (personal and what he learned being a physician), coupled with what he read and heard from others. Warren is convinced that when a human achieves authentic success in life, contentment is then present most of the time.

Included in this book is a description of the actual issues humans face as each person progresses through life, plus what is true health.

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